For the first time in its history, the 2020 EMEA PUG Challenge was organized as an online event, instead of being held in Vienna as originally planned. It has been very difficult not to be able to see all those familiar faces, and I really hope that 2021 will be much better in this regard. What I probably found the most challenging part was the workshops, and I’m sure being the workshop host is even harder than being just an attendee. What was offered for breakout sessions was very good, and the overall level of this conference was excellent.
Riverside Software had one presentation this year about Groovy and how to use it with Ant and PCT. With Progress moving towards a Gradle build system, it will be very important to understand how things are working in Groovy, and how you can leverage the power of those languages to deploy OpenEdge applications. This session explains how you could write a database update mechanism ( à la Flyway) for your OpenEdge databases. The concept has been successfully implemented by multiple customers, and they still rely on this stable and fully automated mechanism.
The slides are available here. I’ve used GitPitch to write the presentation, which is very good for the geek in me, as the slides are written using MarkDown and can be versioned using Git.