The latest and greatest version of CABL has been released ; the changes include:
• New rules:
• Detection of nested comments
• Detection of CATCH statements made redundant with the block-level directive
• Detection of invalid casing for class names
• Detection of classes in the root package
• Detection of executable statement in the middle of variable declarations (and vice versa)
• Detection of properties where get or set implementation just mimics the default behavior
• A new property sonar.oe.issues.annotations in order to prevent rules from being reported in code blocks flagged with annotations. Fantastic if you have generated code which can’t be changed and generate a lot of issues !
• The XML XREF filter is now always active, you don’t have to care about the properties sonar.oe.filter.invalidxref and sonar.oe.filter.invalidxref.bytes anymore
• And various bugfixes for existing rules !

Download link