The company

Riverside Software provides consulting services in France and Europe. Main areas of expertise are :
  • OpenEdge, from version 8 to the latest releases
    • Character and graphical user interfaces
    • Database administration and tuning
    • Application modernization
  • Java, with a specific focus on developing Web user interfaces to OpenEdge backends


Padeo manages your OpenEdge WebClient applications, so that deployment is not an issue anymore !
Have a look at the technical sheet (english version, version française), then download the trial version.

Padeo for Client Networking

Tired of deploying your OpenEdge application by copying files directly onto the target computers ? Or using shared drives which are becoming bottlenecks where using on a WAN ? Padeo for Client Networking will let you deploy your application as a standalone Windows installer in a few steps !

Padeo for Client Networking is available as a consulting service from Riverside Software. Get more informations from this blog post.
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